The Navajo Nation spans over 27,000 square miles, and is present in four states. In those 27,000 square miles, there are a total of three Veterinarians that serve the entire Navajo Nation. Most cities or towns may have access to three Veterinarians in 27 square miles, so you can only begin to imagine the undertaking of three for twenty-seven thousand. A few boots-on-the-ground groups have been spending the last decade providing spay, neuter, rescue, and vaccinations to different communities across The Navajo Nation. With an estimated 500,000 dogs and cats that call these desert lands home, the work is never ending.


A large portion of the 500,000 are free roaming, making it a non-stop hub of procreating. When an unspayed female dog has an average of 6 surviving puppies in a litter, and up to 10 litters in her lifetime, it leaves 60 puppies born into a world that does not have the means to care for them. The ones who don’t pass from the harsh elements of the desert, the fatal viruses that swarm these areas, or the cars that hit them after they stray too far from home will go on to produce litters of their own. That original number of 60 from the one female quickly can turn into thousands as each puppy continues to procreate on their own.

Our goal at The Parker Project is to keep animals in the homes that love them. Through aggressive spay and neuter efforts, target communities, and increase access to preventative and wellness care in communities often missed; we hope to keep the animals of Diné Bikéyah (Navajoland) with the people that love them.



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