What we have come to realize throughout our years of visiting rural communities, is that people love their animals no matter where you go. Just because the resources aren’t there, or the financial situation of a family doesn’t allow them to provide the care they deserve, doesn’t mean that they care for their pets any less.

The Parker Project was established in 2018 when we realized that the only way to overcome the incredible overpopulation problem of dogs and cats was by aggressive spay and neuter efforts in underserved communities. The late Kerry Parker had planned to offer her services alongside our new mobile clinic when it was set to kick off. Just a few months after the start of the project, Dr. Parker passed away. It was a no-brainer that the project would be called The Parker Project in her honor.

Project Director, Alex Allison, had spent years working alongside Dr. Parker and Soul Dog Rescue as they provided free/by donation spay and neuter services to the rural communities of The Navajo Nation. It is through the continued efforts of the project, under its parent organization The Serengeti Foundation, that Dr. Parker’s legacy will live on. Each month we will continue to head to the most rural communities with very limited to no access to veterinary care. Through collaboration efforts working with rescue/shelter partners, we will provide veterinary care and services to the areas that need it most. We vow to hold true to our mission statement, “Helping People Help Their Pets”. We will continue to grow so that not only are we reducing the population of unwanted or free-roaming animals in rural communities, but keeping cared for animals happy and healthy in the homes they know and love.