Below are links to commonly used resource sheets. They are broken down by categories for ease of finding what you may be looking for! As always, if you have further questions or concerns, please text us at 480-569-4559 or email at


Wellness/Sick Patients

  • Tick Borne Disease Info Sheet
  • Parvo Info Sheet
  • Distemper Info Sheet
  • TVT (Transmissible Venereal Disease) Sheet
  • Feline Leukemia Sheet
  • Feline Infectious Virus Sheet
  • Rattlesnake Bite Sheet
  • Porcupine Quill Sheet
  • Hit By Car Sheet
  • Ultimate Healthcare For Your Pet
  • How To Register Your Microchip
  • When to Vaccinate Your Pet
  • How to Check Your Pet’s Age Chart
  • How To Safely Transport Your Pet To A Vaccine Clinic
  • Euthanasia Services
  • Frequently Asked Questions

General Resources

  • Beat the Heat Summer Safety Tips/Ideas
  • Survive the Cold Winter Safety Tips/Ideas
  • Animal Rescue/Shelter Resources
  • How Much Should Your Pets Eat/Drink A Day Chart
  • How Can I Get Involved/Volunteer?
  • Helping Community Elders Care for Their Pets
  • Litters of Puppies/Kittens and Their Mom’s
  • What To Do If You Find Kittens/Puppies
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