With the help of our partner organizations, we are often times able to assist community members with the care of their pets that live primarily outdoors. Please see our list below for our services offered and how to get on our waitlist to receive them!


Unchaining Program

This program is in partnership with our friends at Redrover. A couple times a year, we are able to provide a handful of lucky dogs with brand new enclosures. These dogs are hand selected by our staff. To qualify for this program, you must fill out and submit an applcation to be put on our waitlist. There are a list of guidelines that anyone who receives an enclosure must follow that are included in that application! To be sent an application, or for other questions regarding this program, please email

Winter Ready Program

At the beginning of each cold season, we will choose 1-2 communities to provide outdoor winter gear for. These include igloos, straw, large water buckets, long tie outs, and enrichment toys. To request a winter ready package or for more information, please email

Summer Ready Program

At the beginning of each hot season, we will be providing essentials for keeping your outdoor pets cool. These items will be distributed during our door to door clinics throughout the months of May-August. Items include large water buckets, kiddie pools, tarps for shade, and other items to keep outdoor pets safe from the dangerous temperatures we see.

Pet Food Distribution Program

Also during our door to door services, we will be providing bags of dry food to families with large amounts of animals. If you would like to request food for your family, please email us at

Surrender Program

While we are not a rescue that is able to intake animals, we work with a number of rescues and shelters that sometimes can! This year, we are starting a surrender program to assist owners with animals they are no longer able to care for. If you are in need of assistance with rehoming a pet, or placing an animal that you found/was dumped, please text us at 480-569-4559. Please note that due to a high demand in animal surrenders, as well as shetlers and rescues that are completely full, we ask that you assist us in the following steps to make for the fastest placement.

  1. Text us at the number provided with your first and last name, where you live, the animals you would like to have rehomed, any information you have on those animals, and pictures of each animal. Allow a few day response time.
  2. We will then set up an appointment for you to bring those animals in for vaccines, deworming, and a flea and tick treatment at an upcoming clinic. If you have any prior records, please bring those with as well.
  3. We can provide food for you at this time to feed them while they await their rescue/shelter intake. This wait time could be anywhere from 1 week to a month. We will continue to assist with taking care of them so long as you can provide them with a safe space to stay until their spot becomes available!
  4. Once a rescue/shelter placement has opened up, we will contact you immediately! We will have you bring them to the closest spay and neuter clinic on our schedule where they will receive surgery if needed, booster vaccines, and then head off to their rescue placement!

We know that taking care of extra bodies, and feeding more mouths is a task not many are able to take on. We want to help you help these pets get to a safe space to live out their lives! PLEASE do not dump these animals or give them away if you have reached out to us for assistance. We promise to get them placed as soon as possible, and to make your life as easy as possible while taking care of them until then. Dumped dogs and cats are almost always hit by cars, killed from the elements that they don’t have shelter from, or rounded up by animal control for euthanasia. Let’s work together to keep them as safe as possible!